Diary Summer 2010
July 2010

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October 2010

Two-Man Show
Gallery Europia-Paris

July 2010
BAHRAIN'S EMERGING artist/ sculptor Khalid Farhan together with painter Jaffar Al Oraibi exhibited 25 works (scuptures and paintings) at Gallery Europa in Paris last July.

The opening was graced by French collectors and artists residing in Paris.

About Khalid Farhan

Farhan was born in 1977 in a town called Muharraq, historic town of Kingdom of Bahrain.

The artistic experience of the sculptor Khalid Farhan integrates the negative and the
positive in some of his works, and their relation with the making of plants.
His works of art depends on the wood, stone and brass and they are characterised by
the making of spheres and hemisphere is apparent in his works which means the duality
between two persons of among other group.

He considers the scientist "Freud" the key to his sculpture works since he is inspired by
Freud's vision which state that the straight lines stand for the man and the lenient (wavy)
lines for the woman. Khalid Farhan is characterised by his abstract style and the simplicity
of the idea impression.
He obtained a Bachelors Degree in Arts Education, University of Cairo.

About Jaffar Al Oraibi

Born in 1976 in Muharraq Bahrain, Jaffar is a Member of the Bahrain Arts Society. Al Oraibi is an Abstract Expressionist painter who works with modern abstract terms, he works with different emotions in the painting which create an unusual dialogue with the viewer and raise a lot of questions. Al Oraibi works of art is based on purely abstract and rarely portraits as psychological plays a major role in his art. Al Oraibi was formerly President of the Fine Arts Club at the University of Bahrain and is currently a very active figure in the contemporary Bahraini art scene.

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