International - July/August/September 2010
Award-Winning Architect
'zaha hadid and Suprematism'
at Galerie Gmurzynska

JUN 13 - SEP 25, 2010
zaha hadid, Pritzker Prize winning architect, has curated and designed her latest exhibition entitled ‘zaha hadid and Suprematism’ for the famed Galerie Gmurzynska on the historic Paradeplatz in Zurich.

Completely transforming Gmurzynska’s gallery space and juxtaposing her designs with masterpieces of the Russian Avant Garde, Hadid has drawn from her formative inspiration to create a site-specific, transformative design installation in which the exhibition will take place.

Among the masterworks selected by Hadid for the show are pieces by Ilya Chashnik, El Lissitzky, Kasimir Malevich, Alexander Rodchenko and Nikolai Suetin. Together these pieces will show the incredible contemporary contributions zaha hadid has consistently made to the culture of our time, as well as the enduring influence and importance of the Russian Avant Garde. Specific highlights will include some of the last great works of the Russian Avant Garde left in private hands, such as Kasimir Malevich’s oil and canvas, Dissolution of a Plane, from 1917 and Alexander Rodchenko’s Composition No. 99, oil on plywood from 1920.

An exhibition curated by Zaha Hadid for Galerie Gmurzynska Zurich, completely transforming its gallery space and juxtaposing her designs with masterpieces of the Russian Avant Garde.


THE BANNER exhibition is ET4U's blockbuster public art event devoted to original digital artworks of invited artists.  This summer, the exhibition will showcase 26 works of art by Modhir Ahmed to hang on street lamps throughout the picturesque town of Nees-Skalstrup, Denmark.

Modhir Ahmed
(Iraq / Sweden)
ET4U Banner exhibition
Nees-Skalstrup 2010

30th July - 27 August



Two-Man Show
Gallery Europia, Paris

July 2010
GALLERY EUROPIA will exhibit 25 combined art works of emerging Bahraini sculptor Khalid Farhan and Bahraini painter Jaffar Al Oraibi throughout the month of July.

Sotheby's London
to auction

Hanan Buhamdan
On June 29, Sotheby's London will offer a work by Saudi painter Hanan Bahamdan as part of their Contemporary Art Day Auction. The auction will feature a range of works by the foremost names in the contemporary art world. 

For the past 15 years, her work has been featured in international exhibitions in Europe, the Far East and the Middle East .  She has had solo exhibitions in Riyadh , Jeddah and Cairo and is among the leading artists in Saudi Arabia . 

Iraqi Artists in the Diaspora
(Generation of the 80s as a Model)

Correspondence with Iraq
Co-curated by May Muzaffar

Lecture by Rafa Nasiri
6 July 2010

The Khalid Shoman Foundation
darat al funun

Exhibitions run until 22 July
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