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Selected works from the
38th Annual Fine Arts Exhibition
June 2012

Registration is open for
five bronze and stone workshops
Winter 2012-2013
The winter season 2011-2012 in India is over. The crates are on their way to their final destinations and team Sculpture Platform India® has come home, and registration for 2012-2013 is in full swing, limited to seven sculptors in each workshop.
The  workshop will start on December 10, 2012, and run until March 4, 2013, in Mahabalipuram, Tamil Nadu, India.
Marco Veschetti, Italian born Swedish artist is a bronze specialist at Sweden leading art foundry is a partner in the workshop. He has gone through a long training in the College of Arts and other schools and is now part of the team Sculpture Platform India® in Mahabalipuram.
Another novelty is that the Sculpture Platform India® builds a bronze workshop at Creative Sculptors adjacent to the stone workshop. The equipment includes welding, power tools for cutting, grinding and polishing, pneumatic tools, all kinds of tools for designing the cast bronze and chemicals to the patina.
This also means that Participants to the Global Stone Workshop® do not have to split up and can have lunch together in the new "dining room" on the stone yard ... where the "old" chef serves good Indian vegetarian food.
There are four bronze courses in "Tribal Bronze Casting",  the Cire Perdue process and are divided into two phases with Marco Veschetti as leader of both. The first course includes rubber coating of the original model, wax modeling, retouching, adding runners and sprue, moulding, dewaxing and casting. A total of 26 hours guided lessons divided in 6 days. The cost is limited to 60 €*.                              
The second course focuses on post-processing of the cast bronze, chiseling and patina. 16 hours guided lessons in four days at a cost of 40 €*. The casting is done as hitherto for Creative Sculptors Bronze, twice a month and on fixed days.
Each participant works with one sculpture whose weight in wax does not exceed 400 g.
Course materials are not included in the fee and the cost is calculated from wax models weight. 100 g wax = 1.000 g bronze** = 25 €, including silicone, wax, metal and other materials.
Each sculptor gets a working space at Creative Sculptors stone yard and can work in parallel with the stone and bronze.

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