Passion for Art
February 2012
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Selected works from the
38th Annual Fine Arts Exhibition
What is your personal definition of art?

Art is a means of expression.  Art surrounds us; it comes in all forms, colors and shapes.

How were you introduced into the arts?

As a child my mother enrolled me in different activities, the first being ballet, then came my enrollment at Salman cultural center which introduced me to a range of arts including music, theater and Painting.  As a teenager I did some porcelain painting. I believe my exposure to the Arts at an early age gave me a greater appreciation for “Art” in all its forms.

When & why did you first begin making art? Your medium?

I started at a young age using colored glossy paper, I still recall doing a sail boat image all from cut up pieces of paper. I developed an interest in collage, and I love all kinds of paper and hate throwing paper away. When it came time to decide on my Path for the International Baccalaureate (a two year art course in high school) I was between collage and mixed media. I felt just doing collage would be restricting and chose mixed media, it allowed me to include collage as well as experiment with different mediums. I am still drawn to doing mixed media because it’s like a challenge always something new.

Can you briefly give us a little insight into your background as an artist, and what inspires the artist within you? Did you take any formal training in Arts or is it something that comes naturally to you?

The IB Art program in high school was my longest formal training in Art as it is done over two years in high school. After that during my college years I took summer courses at the Rhode Island School of Design in Providence, Rhode Island. I still very much enjoy taking classes when possible and touring open art studios, I get inspired when I am introduced to new techniques and mediums.

Did your parents influence your artistic abilities?

Both my parents have influenced me artistically. My father drew for a period of time during his college years, the ones he did with pencil are my favorite. What strikes me about his work is his technique in shading; I don’t have the patience to do that. My mother painted when I was a teenager she did porcelain painting and oil painting. I used to be amazed at how she would mix colors to achieve the tones she wants.

You made a very impressive entrance to the contemporary Bahraini art scene with your award-winning artwork at the 38th annual artist exhibition; can you talk a little about your art making process?

When I found out that the subject / theme set for the 38th annual Art exhibition was about “women” it prompted me to think of how I wanted to portray a women. I wanted to show that she is strong yet still be able to show that as strong as she may be, she also has a sensitive side. I immediately started to think of materials that are strong and can represent a woman. As for portraying the other characteristics it was vital for me to include that and I had a big debate on how I would, my gut feeling was to have written statements. I first planned to take pieces of wood and print messages on them but I came across a wooden crate one day so I decided to go see what they had at the Cargo shipping yard. I found this beautiful cargo box that came from India and was no longer in use. The wood was bare so I gave it a high gloss finish; it added a layer of elegance. I wanted it to be very simple because it was more about the message. I researched cargo terminology but none said it best than what was already printed on the cargo box, GLASS HANDLE WITH CARE.

What has been the most interesting response you have received from an audience member after they’ve seen your works?

I was very amused by the different responses and interpretations I received but the most interesting response and one that links beautifully to the piece was when Ms. Sana Al Zayanni said to me “ Alrifq Bilqawarir “. She said when she saw the artwork and read the print GLASS HANDLE WITH CARE she immediately thought of the Hadeeth said by the Prophet Mohammed (peace be upon him) in which he advises to handle a women with gentle care lest she break under pressure.

Share the best compliment you've ever received for your work.

“ It’s Different “, it is a statement that can be interpreted in many different ways, however the way one says it tells me whether or not the viewer is intrigued or not. The most important thing for me as an artist is to spark the viewer’s interest and get them thinking about the piece whether it is subject matter or understanding the materials presented and composition chosen.

Would this inspire you to work professionally as an artist?

Absolutely, the most important thing for me is that it has to be enjoyable and that goes for any profession.

What are you currently working on?

While preparing for the exhibition I started working on another series that I was also thinking of submitting.  I am in the process of doing the final stages; it’s basically mixed media portraying the inner packaging of a cargo box.

Do you have any dream project?

As I have a love for paper and have collected lots of bits and pieces over the years it would be my dream project to put it all together artistically, it will be a documentation of periods of time. I have a growing need to do this project soon because forms of communication have changed fast over the last few years and less paper is being used.

Finally, where do you think art in Bahrain is heading?

Bahrain has a great pool of artists and many more yet to be discovered. I think in Bahrain we will see a shift in the Art scene. I say that because every artistic expression is stirred from emotions and feelings and I believe we will see a deeper connection from the Bahraini artists towards our society.
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"I think in Bahrain we will see a shift in the Art scene. I say that because every artistic expression is stirred from emotions and feelings and I believe we will see a deeper connection from the Bahraini artists towards our society."
whose participation at the 38th Annual Artists Exhibition was a welcome sight - the new generation of Bahraini artists.