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Selected works from the
38th Annual Fine Arts Exhibition
we Will protect the revolution with our blood-Acrylic on canvas-140x123c.m-2011. January 28 -Acrylic on canvas-140x123c.m-2011.
ArtSawa, Dubai
until 23 February
A year ago…..

Wael Darwesh reached the boiling point.
Although he tried to remain calm, questions kept creeping up in his head; questions without answers crammed themselves before
his eyes.

Often to keep hope alive, only self-deceit was the option, the only way to stay alive.
Ultimately, avoiding reality seemed the only choice to avoid perishing in anger.
“Are we still alive?” Wael asked. He believed no one is anymore capable of answering such question.
Everyone around him was silently dying for change. There were dark clouds of change hovering over all.
“Art is my profession and this establishes a strong connection with the political situation, with political dialogue and its discourse.
My Art provides a visual drama often including glimpses of the real world through photographs, as eye-witness to actual events.
This political art, describing my paintings after Jan. 25, 2011, appeared long before that date, though it was cautious to curb wild
feelings, even marginalizing that condition and it happened actually. “Wael said quite often, a question haunted him….. How would a
bystander express his or her thoughts? As they do not have a means to steam off thoughts, he has made himself a non-stop
transmitter and receiver, when his only signal or message was his paintings portraying arguments gripping the Egyptian street
depicting visual and rare dramas.

Nobody could predict how future will evolve, no readymade scenario was ready to apply, it is simply a dream that come true all of a
sudden, and the thirst for freedom within himself, it eventually came out against his will prior to the 25th January

In June 2010, he exhibited at "Art Sawa" a body of works, “SHROUDED MEMORIES", another name that he thought already was

Wael never revealed that for fear of being held accountable.
Today, the answers are crystal clear after 25th Jan. 2011, it becomes the real barometer of Revolution and he simply depicts what he

History will seek to understand the ensuing events and he felt that many things have changed.
“Witness” is an enjoyable expression of freedom.